2012 Pininfarina Cambiano

2012 Pininfarina Cambiano 31 2012 Pininfarina Cambiano

2012 Pininfarina Cambiano1 2012 Pininfarina Cambiano

As per Pininfarina’s school of thought, it is a new approach to luxury in cars. A concept car, the Cambiano which is stylish and sporty, comfortable and refined is launched. The car is an expression of today’s Pininfarna which embodies the skills of the company in terms of its planning, style and research in sustainable mobility. The company celebrates double anniversary in 2012. The new model reinterprets and redefines the ideas of the basic tenets of its design, taut lines and a simple element which extends all along to underline its dynamism. The outcome is a strong visual impact which is emphasised by an aerodynamic shape based on functional stylistic elements. It breaks with the normal trend of design which is overloaded with elements and grips the return of the pure form in the tradition of Italian style. Beginning with the unconventional design of doors, from the side of the driver, the car is coupe with only one door while from the passenger’s side, it has two doors the model reveals its character.

In every detail of the exterior and the interior designs, between colours and the use of technology, the car has total consistency. Both harmony and elegance blends in association of complementary values. The proportions of the Cambiano convey fluidity and dynamism which is due to the low pointed front and the rear mounted cabin. The body is simple with huge taut sensual surfaces which are enhanced by golden grey colour and blue reflections specifically developed for the project. Every detail is available for this car. In the true sense this model gives a new look to luxury cars. It features all necessary things that are required of a luxury car. What can be said more, the new model gives us a glimpse of the new generation cars with a new approach to luxury. We hope that it will do well.


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