2012 Renault Grand Kangoo 7-Passenger Van

2012 Renault Grand Kangoo 7 Passenger Van 2 2012 Renault Grand Kangoo 7 Passenger Van

2012 Renault Grand Kangoo 7 Passenger Van 3 2012 Renault Grand Kangoo 7 Passenger Van

It is now that Renault has unveiled the Grand Kangoo for the market of France. Booking for this model is open from early April with its cost beginning at €20,750 in France. This model is a passenger version of the Kangoo Express Maxi Crew and Z.E. variants which are trimmed for light commercial purposes which are focused at business. This model has room for seven passengers and is equipped with two extra independent seats which are removable. As per Renault, this model is designed for business and family who are in search for a multi purpose vehicle associated with modular interior and various layout combinations. The only engine available in this model is the 1.5 dCi engine but it is available in two outputs of power which is 90 hp or 110 hp. Like the whole range of Kangoo, the Grand Kangoo is made at MCA plant of Renault in Maubeuge, France. Other details so far as the features and specifications of the model are concerned are still under wraps. It is assumed that these details will soon be revealed and we will get to know more on this.

Let us wait to see more details on this and till more news comes our way we have to be satisfied with whatever details we have with us. It is assumed that this new model will come out with flying colours and will definitely win the hearts of its customers with its features and performance. Whatever it is we have to wait for the outcome of the model and till further for the detailed specifications. Till more details are revealed we have to keep guessing not only about its features but also its outcome. We hope that it will do well and satisfy its customers.


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