2013 Ford Fiesta ST specifications

2013 Ford Fiesta ST 2 2013 Ford Fiesta ST specifications

2013 Ford Fiesta ST 2013 Ford Fiesta ST specifications

Ford is to unveil the Ford Fiesta ST in the Motor Show to be held in Geneva in advance of the hatchback’s launch in 2013 in Europe. Customers have yelled for the new model since the last model has disappeared from the showrooms in Europe in 2008. The all new model will take it to a new level. The 1.6 liter EcoBoost produces 180 PS and a torque of 240 Nm which can accelerate from 0 t0 100km/hr in less than 7 seconds at atop speed of 220 km/hr and at the same time it delivers 20 percent less in CO2 emission as compared to the earlier model. Developed by the team of Ford, the new model delivers ride and handling improvements by introducing a specially tuned chassis which is 15mm lower than the standard model, torque vectoring control system and three electronic stability control modes.

As per Jost Capito, the director of Global performance vehicles, Ford, the customers will be impressed by the new Fiesta ST not only by its performance but also by its styling and specification. According to him this new hot hatch is the best Fiesta ST till today. The interior features extraordinary levels of equipment to suit the sporting driver with Recaro sports seats which appears in the model for the first time. This will also be featured with MyKey enabling owners to limit performance and ensures activation of safety features for less experienced drivers using the vehicle and SYNC, voice activated in car connectivity system. This new model was engineered using global performance car DNA and was developed by the Ford Team RS. The team’s experience working with the motorsport partners in order to develop Fiesta Rallycross, Fiesta RS WRC and Racing vehicles of Fiesta proved invaluable for the new car. With its production confirmed for Europe, Ford remains open to introduce this high performance small car in other regions as well.


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