2013 Ford Flex with a Ti-VCT V6 Power-train

Ford Flex 2013 2013 Ford Flex with a Ti VCT V6 Power train

Recently a seminar has been held in New York to highlight the area of safety of car passengers. The discussion forum was jam packed by a number of technical experts, environmentalists and general folks living in the city of NW. Ford Flex 2013 edition looks dynamic and fully upgraded. This concept vehicle has a sleek compartment. The lamp bezels, air inlets, trapezoidal grilles and bonnet have been manufactured using the weather resistant metal sheet. This is the car which provides space to house seven passengers inside the compartment. A one-off car model was presented to the 2011 LA auto show. There will be a number of newly upgraded tools like a powerful engine, an automatic transmission device, an exhaust system, dampers, struts, axle bars and torque generating unit. MyFord Touch, collision minimization tool, climate checking tools, wipers, glass windshields and a perfectly designed dash will be used to ensure the car upgradation.

A 3.5 liter capacitated Ti-VCT V6 power-train is more capable of providing 285 horsepower. On the other hand, the hi-tech SYNC system has been opted for to upgrade the vehicle. This SYNC pack has a sophisticated and light weighted mobile handset activation system along with Bluetooth connectivity interface. 911 Assist device is a type of highly sophisticated emergency calling system. You can contact hospitals, and customer care units or any non profit charitable center by using this hands-free device while traveling inside the car.

The superb color contrast of the vehicle is really eye-catching. The innovative car designs have been applied to bring glamour back to the car upgradation. Inside the compartment of the car, you will find a number of squads which are made of leather and foam. The contours of the car seats are well stitched. This vehicle will also be eco-friendly. It won’t backfire black fumes containing lethal carbon.


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