2013 Ford Kuga SUV – More Dynamic

2013 Ford Kuga SUV 2013 Ford Kuga SUV   More Dynamic

Ford has revealed an interesting news item regarding the introduction of Kuga SUV which will be more dynamic. This car model will be available in the European market. To some extent, this vehicle resembles Escape which was exhibited at LA auto show. However, it is different from Escape in terms of technical tune-up and upgradation of street nav systems. Kuga variant has energy efficient 2.0 liter TDCi engine which is capable of producing 163PS. In addition, you will also be able to opt for a 1.6 liter EcoBoost power-train.

The futuristic car model is spacious and therefore you can travel freely with your family members. At the rear side there is a wagon station which offers 442 liter interior space for the safekeeping of the luggage. According to experts, this is one of the sophisticated vehicles. It is loaded with SYNC connection interface, Active Park Assist inclusive of Blind Spot. All wheel drive system is also available in this car upgradation package.

Kuga sports utility vehicle is really fantastic in terms of quality and interior decoration. There will be retractable car seats with upholsters, a dash, an odometer, a speedometer, a tachometer and fully updated street navigation system. This is the vehicle which is also equipped with a modern drive-train which also includes an automatic transmission, dampers, an exhaust system, carbon diffusers and energy efficient torque converter. That’s why you will get both comfort and flexibility at the time of traveling by this sports utility vehicle. The front and rear portions of the compartment of the car are up to the mark. There is excellent fuel economic power-plant. The whole compartment of the SUV model is light in weight. The rear wagon station is spacious with properly tuned tailboard lamps. The rear boot lid is durable and operable in a more scientific way.


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