2013 GTA Spano features

GTA Spano 2013 2013 GTA Spano features

GTA Motor has officially introduced the production model of the GTA Spano in the International Motor Show held this year at Geneva. The production version introduces new elements like the side and front air intakes, a bonnet at front, back view mirrors and a door opening system. In the back also there are a variety of innovative aspects like a huge diffuser that gives it a more aggressive and modern look. A limited number of this model will be produced which acquires speed from 0 to 100 km/hr in 2.9 seconds and has highest speed of above 350 km/hr. The chassis has been made combining titanium, carbon fibres and Kevlar. This new model is featured with its V10 engine which is positioned longitudinally at the back delivering 820 HP and 960 Nm of torque.

The department of design which is directed by Sento Pallardo has strived to build an exceptional model which would not resemble any other car. An initial design has come up till date combined with elegance, sportsmanship and exclusivity in one concept. One of the main distinctive features in this model lies in the lateral view in which the doors fit into air intakes besides performing an aerodynamic function, refrigerate elements like oil coolers, brakes and power assisted steering. The front view affords with a strong look with two air intakes and convex bonnet. While at the back, the best way has been designed to channel the air which flows below the car. The consequence is a rear design with many characters. The wheels of 19 inch at the front and 20 inch at back are featured by the angular shape. These have been designed exclusively for this new model.

Moving towards the interior, it is featured with high quality materials like carbon fibre and leather. It has good space for a person over 2 metres to be seated comfortably. The dashboard is designed to transmit the value of the car. The detailed features and specifications of this new model are already revealed and one interested in it can have a look on this.

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