2013 Honda Civic

2013 honda civic 2013 Honda Civic

Honda has made an announcement to its dealers in a completely unexpected and unprecedented way that a new Civic is to come by the end of 2013. The all new 2012 Honda civic which has come out recently is getting a makeover. Honda is doing damage control by saying that revamp is coming early to stay ahead of competition. But it is of no doubt that it is coming as the earlier model was so disappointing. It was believed that it was a step backward from the earlier generation and Honda has missed the mark on the iconic model. It has recently previewed a line up of engine and transmission technologies which include a 1.8 litre 4 cylinder engine which is directly injected. In addition to this, it has produced a new CVT transmission in compressed cars and as such it is possible to replace the present 5 speed automatic unit. These changes come to be the part of its new Earth Dreams Technology plan where the goal of the company is to bring vehicles which are not only leaders in fuel economy but also the leaders in performance as well.

The earlier model was not received well by its customers due to its poor quality and design so the new model is to come so soon with many makeovers. Let us see how the new model comes up and how it is able to draw customers. Nothing can be said till everything goes on well. For more details on this we have to wait further and have to keep a keen eye on the updated new. Other details on this are limited and for more information we have to have a patient wait. We hope that this well do much better than the earlier model and will win back its good name.

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