2013 Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class – Eco-friendly, Energy Efficient and Artistic

Mercedes Benz GLK Class 2013 800x600 wallpaper 13 2013 Mercedes Benz GLK Class   Eco friendly, Energy Efficient and Artistic

Mercedes Benz GLK Class 2013 800x600 wallpaper 18 2013 Mercedes Benz GLK Class   Eco friendly, Energy Efficient and Artistic

Mercedes has confirmed that the company is right now prioritizing the enhancement of the integration in the installation of car upgradation accessories with precision to minimize the expenses. In other words, instead of sticking to conventional and stereotyped technical tune-up programs, experts prefer to traverse eyes from the traditional car design to the more eco-friendly and constructive tune-up process to increase the dynamism and speed of the car. Maybe, it will require sometime more to energize the new car upgradation campaign but it is the bottom line of the car upgradation process. So far so good, the introduction of Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class 2013 will surely act as an enhancer in inspiring the production unit to manufacture more performance based vehicles at cost effective rates.

Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class is a type of sports utility vehicle. You will be amazed to have the glimpse of the rad design of the car. The fusion of majestic elegance and sophistication of design in ensuring the total compactness to increase the attractiveness of the vehicle, experts have used more appreciable innovative car upgradation styles to bring the pin-point accuracy in building up the vehicle. BlueTEC 4MATIC V4 power-train with a direct diesel injection mechanism is more result oriented to power the car. This sophisticated energy-efficient engine delivers 204 hp and produces 500 NM torque. In terms of performance and longevity, this vehicle will outperform other cars due to the usage of powerful car upgradation accessories which have been tested several times prior to insertion.

Blue EFFICIENCY has the ECO start and stop option. Blue TEC is an upgraded diesel emission controlling device which is supposed to be planted into the compartment of engine of this SUV model. The overall aesthete of the sports utility vehicle is more promising owing to the introduction of newly updated equipments and chips to upgrade the car with care. This sports utility vehicle looks like an all-terrain carriage for off-road expedition. The rooftop is designed with two horizontal crosspieces to add an innovation to the exterior design of the vehicle. The steep glass windscreens of SUV model are durable, transparent and properly tuned up to make it different from the ordinary cars. You will find a metal slat which has been attached to the front part of the vehicle. The lamp bezels are large and they flow back to align with the surface of the bonnet of the car, Interior decoration of this fuel economic vehicle is superb. You must clap your hands to have the glimpses of the magnificent curb appeal of this sports utility vehicle. LED firber optic mechanism has also been used to upgrade the efficiency and structural elegance of this beautiful car. 7G-TRONIC automatic transmission tool will be used in unison with DIRECT SELECT attachment to make the car more workable and multi-functional. The automatic transmission is able to channelize torque from the engine to car wheelbases for activation.

The white colored dashboard inside the cockpit of this SUV model looks extraordinary and superb. In the mean time you can watch the still snapshots of the interior part of the car. You will be enchanted to watch the retractable car seats, leather upholsters, an odometer, an infotainment, glass insulated side screens, non retractable quarter glass slide screens to add up more color to the car design. The ergonomic steering wheel of the car is also marvelous. Now, look at the rear boot lid which is spacious. The wagon station of the car is boxy to keep the luggage in order. The LED lamps, fluorescent bulbs and bright fog lamps are also essential car accessories which have been installed to enhance the elegance of this car. ARTICO leather coverage is glossy and stylish. There will be the ground floor carpet to design the interior section of the vehicle. Bluetooth interface and adapter plug in systems will be offered to facilitate car users to communicate with outsiders during traveling by these cars. This is the vehicle which will have higher negative camber. The drag-in engine co-efficiency rate will be lower to make the car swifter and more dynamic. The vehicle will run smoothly in the adverse weather condition. However, people will have to wait for the advent of this SUV model for couple of months more.


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