2013 Renault ZOE features

Renault ZOE 2013 1 2013 Renault ZOE features

ZOE is the solution of Renault to the Zero Emission mobility. Apart from being the first class choice for daily use and readily affordable, the Renault ZOE is among the first pure electric car that which is designed from the ground up. It is packed with latest technology and boasts of six world premieres which gears of enhancing user friendliness, connectivity and range. It is for the first time that the conditions that are required for the widespread roll out of electric vehicles are truly in place. The new model revealed in the Geneva Motor show will go on sale in autumn 2012. The launch of this model marks the beginning of a new age, an age of electric cars for all.

The final design for this model is being premiered at the Geneva Motor show this year. It is designed as an electric car from the ground up and is a condense hatchback with fluid and sleek lines. The dynamic look expresses enjoyment in driving while the signature headlights feature LEDs which light up permanently recesses that are situated on either side of the air intake at the front. Like the Twizy and the Twingo, the ZOE features the new design identity of the brand. It is for the first time ever that it is possible to purchase an electric car at a range which is close to that of a city car with a diesel engine that is available in the market where tax incentives are present. Let us wait to see the performance of the car. Other details on this are limited and we have to wait further for more details to come our way. We wish that this model will rock the market and will definitely win the hearts of its customer.


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