2013 Roadster 23 to Be Released by Roding

2013 roding roadster 23 2013 Roadster 23 to Be Released by Roding

Roding is a German based automaker which has released a one-off Roadster 23 sports vehicle for public display at the Geneva auto exhibition. It is a miniature car and it looks smart. This car is a two-seater vehicle. Experts have preferred the BMW three liter capacitated turbo engine for the installation. The drive-train kit has been placed into the car. Roding has used the sophisticated car upgradation tools.

Roadster 23 has the inline-6 engine which generates 450 NM. The torque transmission of the car has also gone through revision for better performance. A 6-speed manual transaxle tool is also excellent in terms of quality and durability. The semi-sleek rubber bands to cover the wheelbases are long lasting. There are suspension dampers to check the constant backfire of shock to prevent the massive road friction with the tire bands. The wishbone systems are also in good condition.

If you look at the interior decoration of the vehicle, you will come to know all about the retractable car seats, a dash, a steering wheel, a speedometer and an odometer. The sun visors, rear view reflectors and glass insulated windshields with wipers are really updated to perform excellently. The drive-train kit is not only free of technical errors but also it is more eco-friendly. The usage of carbon fiber is light in weight to decorate the squads and other car tune-up accessories. Lastly, prices of the car have not been settled till now.


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