2013 SEAT Ibiza SC Updated Using Eco-friendly Technology

2013 SEAT Ibiza SC 2013 SEAT Ibiza SC Updated Using Eco friendly Technology

If you are searching for an aerodynamic state-of-the art car, you will have to handpick the majestic white colored showpiece of SEAT Ibiza SC model which is more dynamic and rad in color contrast. You will be amazed to have the colorful snapshots of the mini-car. The impressive fluidic design is really a matter of artistic grandeur to enhance the flawless curb appeal. Just look and feel as this wonderfully decorated aerodynamic car can run smoothly and swiftly even in the stormy night.

SEAT Ibiza SC exudes the deep sense of premium feeling and you will be enamored to watch the magnetic fusion of classic aesthete and sophistication in interior design. This is the eco-friendly vehicle which has retractable car squads with leather upholsters to bring lot of fun and warmth of coziness to users. If you enter into the cockpit of this small car, you will be happy to watch the glossy ergonomic leather insulated steering wheel, a small cubby below the dashboard, an odometer, a tachometer and a speedometer to ensure the perfect tune-up process. The magnetic color contrast will surely arrest your heart and you will be in stream of joy and delight. Climatronic technology has brought a technical revolution in ensuring the trouble free climate checking option. In addition, street navigation system is also a part of car tune-up program.

Just let your mind fly straight in the sky to mingle with flappy white clouds to sail across the blue firmament. This fuel efficient car is work of art. This smart car has V3 and V4 engine options. A 1.4 TSI with the assurance of excellent torque generating feature redefines the car tune-up. This power-train is applicable to petrol fed Ibizia whereas in the case of estate ST Ibiza, there will be environment-friendly 1.2 TSI Ecomotive which delivers 175 NM torque. Diesel fed 2.0 TDI CR is capable of generating 143 hp which can be applicable to five door Ibiza FR and SC FR variants of the same lineup of Ibiza. The fuel consumption rate is low. However, experts have also taken care of the technical upgradation of the damper suspension system. It is efficient to check the overflow of shock to prevent the massive road friction.

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