2015 Dacia Citadine coming with a price tag of 5000 euros

2015 Dacia Citadine 2015 Dacia Citadine coming with a price tag of 5000 euros

As per a recent report, Dacia is to develop a new entry level model which is to be priced at € 5000. A new car in the form of Dacia Citadine is to appear in the market by 2015. The low cost city car would appear with a petrol engine of 1.2 liter of the Renault Twingo and might be a model of four door and four seater. The price of this model would be 5000 euros which makes it competitive in the segment of the city car. On the other hand, it is working on the possibility of a large sedan which may be about 4.7 metres in length and is at present known as X52. It would be based on Renault Latitude which would enable Dacia to enter a new segment with an option of low cost.

The Dacia Sandero would also get a new model in 2015. More details are still to come. Let us wait for further details and for more specified characters and features related to this model. Whatever it is we will get to know more on this very soon and as time comes we will also get to know the performance of the new model. It is however, expected that it will do well among its customers.

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