Audi supposed to buy Ducati

audi to buy ducati Audi supposed to buy Ducati

The partnership between Ducati and AMG can be changing very soon as per a new report. The report reveals that the company has a deal with Audi. According to the Car Magazine, this deal will enable Audi to have the first chance to bid on the debt ridden manufacturer of motorcycle. As reported, the accountants are doing their due diligence and all will be finalised by April this year. As per sources, Audi would pay €50-100 million for Ducati and will absorb about €800 million in debt. However, this news is not yet confirmed by the company. Let us see what comes our way in the coming months. Till these rumors are confirmed nothing could be said specifically.

Ducati, the most popular of all Italian manufacturers of motorcycle is no doubt searching for a new owner. So what can be said more till everything is finalized we have to just wait and watch. We can only assume that everything gets finalized soon and it gets a new owner. We wish luck and best wishes so that everything goes on well without any hindrance. As time passes by one will get the updated news so far as Ducati’s ownership is concerned.

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