BMW and Toyota will co-develop lithium-ion batteries

BMW and Toyota will co develop lithium ion batteries BMW and Toyota will co develop lithium ion batteries

Toyota and BMW have made an announcement of their plans to co-develop the batteries of Lithium. The details on this are however limited, but both the companies will work together on the next generation technologies and environment friendly vehicles. Due to this, the engineers will search for ways to increase the capacity as well as the performance of the lithium ion batteries by making use of the new combination of materials for anodes, cathodes and electrolyte.

This announcement is followed by a recent agreement which states that BMW will supply Toyota with diesel engines of 1.6 and 2.0 liters. Let us see how it works and weather it comes out successful or not. We have to wait to see the outcome of this announcement and also for the announcement to turn to reality. It is just an announcement and it would take time to come to reality and we have to wait for this. Whatever it is, let us wait for more details and more specifications on this matter. So both the companies are to work hard to develop the batteries of lithium ion.

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