BMW i-FD to Have an Innovative Make-up

2013 BMW i FD Green Sports Sedan BMW i FD to Have an Innovative Make up

Though BMW prefers tight lip to conceal its futuristic plan about the upgradation i-sub categories, it has been confirmed by other sources that soon BMW will take steps to release i3 hatchback and i8 sports vehicles which will be equipped with the necessary car upgradation accessories.

Officially it has also been stated that BMW will try to emulsify the car upgradation program more dynamically. More information and data are required to prepare the research based reports. However, depending on the stolen snapshots and content, experts can assume that this company will concentrate on the production of BMW i-FD cars which will have more energy efficient power-train, an automatic transmission, and more performance based street nav systems.

Feliciano Ruy-Díaz is a Spanish car designer and his role is very important to upgrade the car using his imaginative faculty. According to Diaz, he will try to bring some innovative car tune-up designs back to lab for trails. He will apply his brain to draw the layouts of the concept vehicle which must have a fuel economic drive train and superb lighting fixtures. The exterior portion of the car compartment is glossy and more colorful. The car wheelbases are light in weight. The tire bands are long lasting. The dampers have maximum capability to check the friction. Diaz has also confirmed the technical revision in a compact way. The chassis, rear boot lid and the squads of the car will be upgraded. The odometer, tachometer and speedometer will be modified using the sophisticated technology. However there is no specific information about the type of power-train to update the tune-up programs. On the other hand, experts will also use the most sophisticated climate checking tools along with the street mapping accessories. Sun visors, front windshields, wipers, leather upholsters and rear glass screens will be properly installed to complete the car upgradation.

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