Bugatti 16C Galibier super sedan

Bugatti 16C Galibier super sedan Bugatti 16C Galibier super sedan

Dejan Hristov, the Macedonian graphics designer has sent WCF, recent renderings of his proposal for the Bugatti super sedan. He has adjusted the designs over some months in the past with previous renditions that appeared in many sites. This means that the work is in full progress. The designer has pointed out that the design has many innovative solutions which are shown and explained in the designs. For example, the headlights that which are hidden behind the panel when these are not used, a pair of Gullwing style doors which negate the requirements for a B pillar and offers an easy access to the interior, back spoiler that is also the windshield cover at the back.

The details of this new model is very limited and which is presented as 16C Galibier concept in the year 2010 but the latest reports state that the development of the vehicle has been delayed and will not appear till 2015. As per Auto Motor und Sport the new model has been redesigned to give it a more stylish look and make it much more comfortable. Other reports suggesting that the new car is in development comes from the transmission supplier Ricardo of Bugatti as they had made an announcement that the contract has been extended to supply Bugatti with transmission for two more years. The reason is to fill out the production for the rest of Grand Sport. However, the routine of two years run long leading one to speculate that it is for the new model. Other details in this regard are still under wraps but we will get to know more very soon. Let us see what features and specifications come equipped with this new model. We have to wait and keep a keen eye on the updated news and further details of the new car.

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