Details of the 2014 BMW M3 V6

2014 BMW M3 V6 Details of the 2014 BMW M3 V6

As per InsideLine, BMW is developing a fresh V6 engine which is to power the new M3 which is to hit the market in the year 2014. This news is somewhat surprising as BMW did never produce a V6 powered model in the past. The switch to V configuration will represent the model’s first venture far away from the naturally aspirated pieces to that of the turbocharged arena which is another vital change on the part of the engineering principle of the company over the past years. The engine was chosen much against the familiar inline-6 because of the issues of balancing and packaging. This will however, benefit from two double scroll turbochargers and will have a displacement of 3.0 litres with the output of power rated at 429hp and a torque of 548 Nm.

The new model for next generation will grow by 3.7 inches so far its length is concerned over the E90 predecessor, but will also reduce its weight due to the use of aluminium materials in the framework of the model which are lightweight. This model will also have its own codename for the first time as F80 which is as stated in the report. In addition to all this, the M4 Coupe and Convertible is supposed to be called F82 and is expected to get the same power unit as the M3 sibling. Other details so far as its features and specifications are concerned are limited but we hope to get all details very soon. Now let us see how this change works and weather it comes out successful or not. So for the consequence of this change over the past we have to wait patiently and a bit longer. Let us see what comes next and hope that it will do well in the market.

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