FX Sebastian Vettel Version Based on FX50 Performance Concept-Formula No 1

2012 Infiniti FX50 Sebastian Vettel Edition 2 FX Sebastian Vettel Version Based on FX50 Performance Concept Formula No 1

Infinity has done lot of researches to tune up cars. FX50 Performance Concept car model will be introduced after a modification. Infiniti has also confirmed the release of FX Sebastian Vettel Version by opting for the Formula no 1 car designs. Sebastian Vettel variant will have an energy efficient drive-train, an automatic transmission tool, torque converting tool and the dampers to check the constant onset of frictions with tire bands. The aerodynamic car designs have been opted for to bring back the glamour to the car.

On the other hand, the rear portion of the compartment of the car is equipped with a spoiler made of carbon fiber which lessens the over-weight of the vehicle. This air flap system acts as a good channelizer to keep the flow of fresh air inside the compartment. 2012 grilles have been installed into the FX car model. LED daytime running lamps are easy to install. This is the car which runs very smoothly and efficiently.

Though this new Sebastian Vettel will be gifted to Aussies for the first time, in the very beginning, there will be limited number of doppelgangers of Vettel models to check the mindsets of people in Australia. An energy efficient and fuel economic 5.0 litre V8 powertrain is also supposed to be inserted into the engine compartment of the car. The compact technical upgradation will take place prior to the release of this car officially for sale.


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