Gemballa GT McLaren MP4-12C

Gemballa GT McLaren MP4 12C 2 Gemballa GT McLaren MP4 12C

The McLaren MP4-12C is such type of a supercar which asks to be tuned. The British automaker has focused so much on the performance of the car that it has forgotten to give the model the type of appearance which would translate it into a certain emotion. This may be wrong but for one this new model somewhat looks austere and a bit cold and if one thinks the same and owns one of these car can take it to the German specialists as they have with them a new styling kit for this new model and that which was introduced in the Motor Show that was held in Geneva yesterday. It is expected that this kit will turn the McLaren MP4-12C to a more aerodynamic machine through a body parts like the front and back aprons, small back wing and side skirts which are redesigned. In addition to it, this model makes use of a set of set of lightweight wheels which measures 20 inch at the front and 21 inch at the back and the company has also made an announcement that engine tuning program is also being developed.

Let us see how this model performs with its new look. It is expected that the new model will do well not only by performing on roads but also with its look it will be able to attract customers. Nothing more can be said, only assumptions can be made till we have more information on this. Let us see what comes our way and what more we get to know. For other details we have to stay tuned and have a keen eye on the updated news on this. We wish luck and best wishes to the new car.


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