Lamborghini pleased with the response of the new 2012 Aventador J

2012 Lamborghini Aventador J 1 Lamborghini pleased with the response of the new 2012 Aventador J

Lamborghini has made an announcement that the Aventador J concept which was unveiled in the Geneva Motor Show last week was received well by people. Although other auto manufacturers like Ferrari and F12berlinetta would beg to differ in this regard. Lamborghini has stated that 21.5 million organic Google searched the most famous show week YouTube video of the sports car has more than 280,000 views in the category of Auto and Vehicles. Above 6800 tweets with exposure worldwide and above 40 million impressions have been received. Although it is believed that it has received good exposure mainly because of the leaks in the media. It can be said that in this year’s show, surprise debuts were lacking. However, the Aventador J concept was one of the main attractions in the event.

As per Lamborghini, this new model was something very special but such an overwhelming reaction to it was not anticipated. It is very pleasing to have such a response to the vehicle and one can look forward to push the limits of technology and design for the future products and the generations that are to come. This car has received huge response from its audience.


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