Pricing package of Renault

Dacia Lodgy Pricing package of Renault

The recently introduced ‘Dacia Lodgy’ of the Renault brand has come up with its pricing package. According to the announcements made, the price tag of new and sleek ‘Lodgy’ will resume from nine thousand nine hundred Euros. By any as well as European standards, the cut of price is quite cheap. The hugely built seven seater or MPV is also to be included under the mentioned price bracket. Both the models are primarily meant for familial needs and those prone to buying used cars of the second or third hand types.

Three engines have also been earmarked to be a part of the family oriented vehicle of the mentioned brand. In fact, one more version of engine is expected to shortly arrive. As far as the family oriented vehicle is concerned, four sets of equipment options are on the anvil. So, keeping in mind your economy and purpose, you can pick and choose the most pertinent one. The four levels of option include Laureate, Lodgy, Ambiance and Prestige. Amongst all these, Prestige is supposed to involve the most expensive pricing deal for its high tech and sleek features. Prestige priced at sixteen thousand and five hundred Euros includes facilities for multimedia navigation, parking sensors on the rear and screen display of 18 centimeters.

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