Renovation deals of Mercedes

2013 Mercedes Sprinter Renovation deals of Mercedes

Another automobile brand of Mercedes is in for a series of renovation. The recently announced renovation details are going to influence the highly acclaimed Sprinter Van. One of the most interesting bits of renovation, in all likelihood is expected to affect its automatic transmission. The automatic transmission of seven speeds is going to be one of the optional inputs. In being so, it’s going to be the first one with an optional transmission deal of seven speeds.

The necessary renovation will ensure smoothly cool gear shifting with little or no hassles. The brand has also unleashed a series of details which to all intents and purpose will ensure cost effectiveness. Some of the incentives to add to efficiency include an effective starting & stopping mechanism, tires with necessary resistance and a user friendly steering device. The four cylinder engine of this Sprinter van is expected to consume fuel to the measure of 7.4 liters for every hundred kilometers. Duly equipped with rear axle, the extent of fuel consumption can be further minimized. The rear axle with its high ratio is supposed to minimize this consumption even further- to the tune of 7.0liter for every hundred kilometers. Disk wipe and electronically maneuvered Brake prefill are some of the other inputs- expected to be a part of its electronic program mechanism.

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