Skoda to Launch New Laura in 2013

2013 skoda laura Skoda to Launch New Laura in 2013

Skoda has taken a decision to expand its business platform further overstepping the barriers and red tapism. Skoda is the Check automaker and it is also a sister branch of Volkswagen. This subsidiary unit has released an official statement in which the company has explained that new car upgradation projects have been chosen for ensuring the speedy growth of the business. New Skoda Laura 2013 model will be manufactured borrowing the technology from MQB tune-up platform.

Experts have claimed that this car will be longer than A3 model of Audi line-up. A massive car tune-up process has been started to introduce new technology to make the car attractive, glossy and beautifully decorated. However, still there is no concrete information in relation to the installation of a power-train. It will be chosen soon to engineer the car properly. At the same time, the management of Skoda has clarified by stating that after the successful completion of Laura cars with lengthy compartments, the company will start a new project to manufacture the short cars with sophisticated car tune-up kits.

In another report, the CEO of Skoda has revealed that experts have been empowered to apply their own concepts to make the cars more eco-friendly, dynamic and fuel economic. They have been instructed to prioritize the introduction of Mission L and Vision D car designs to increase the beauty of this futuristic model. There will be two types of engines for tune-up in a scientific way. 2.0 litre diesel and 1.8 litre petrol fuelled power-trains will be introduced to bring the accuracy to the car upgradation program.

Inside the compartment of this fantastic concept vehicle, there will be enough space for the comfortable sitting. Passengers will be protected as there will be updated life safety accessories to ensure the protection of travelers. An ergonomically designed steering wheel is flexible and easy to care. The four wheelbases of the car are strong and weather resistant. Drive-train pack, dampers, an exhaust system and other exterior car tune up accessories will be made durable and competent.

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