The refurbishments of Audi

Abt QS3 Audi Q3 The refurbishments of Audi

The crossover of Audi Q3 was in for a new round of customization. With the illustrious display of fascinating vehicles all set to surprise the motor sporting circuit, the already launched ABT of the mentioned brand alongside of the recently customized Q3 are to be displayed therein as well. The brand has been responsible for investing Volkswagen with a dynamically challenging look and power.

As one of the recent features of innovation, the recently customized vehicles have been given a new touchup with regard to their power quotient. The previously in vogue engine of two liter has been upgraded to produce 205 Horsepower, which exceeds its previous power threshold by a margin of 28 Horsepower. The same is true of the second model that exceeds its preceding version by a margin of fifty nine Horsepower.

With Q3 relegating to the level of “QS3”, the external designing also unleashes a refreshing assortment of changes. It becomes sleek and trendy with its bumpers, grille, diffuser and performance enhancing tires of alloy make. In fact, all of these mentioned features have been endowed with a sizzling look of the latest type. Undoubtedly the startling array of refurbished vehicles is likely to create many ripples in the eagerly anticipated auto exhibition.


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