Tushek Supercars has Uncovered the 2012 Renovatio T500

2012 Tushek Renovatio T500 2 Tushek Supercars has Uncovered the 2012 Renovatio T500

Renovatio T500 is a dashing car for a smart executive. Its structural glow is immense and deeply palpable. When you start steering the wheels holding the ergonomic steering wheel, you will feel warmth of comfort and soothing cooling sensation at the same time due to have a soft leather cover to insulate the driving wheel of the car.

This is the vehicle which has been given a compact technical tune-up facelift to make it more charismatic. In a report, one of the spokespersons has told the reporters that the car will have a 4.2 liter V8 engine which upgrades 444hp inclusive of 428 NM torque. It offers the long term durability and efficiency. The sprinting time of the concept vehicle is 3.7 seconds to cover max 100 km/h. The speed of the car is also appreciable. It can run at the highest speed of 310km/h. The alcantara upholsters of the car are naturally brilliant in design and color contrasts. Pirelli P-Zero Corsa tire bands have been designed using the sophisticated technology. The axle bars of the car are capable of fixing the car wheelbases.

The stret nav system of the vehicle will be completely revised to ensure the trouble free and cost effective street navigation during night. It is also suitable to washboard expedition. The futuristic car model has had a fully developed compartment which is covered with a long lasting chassis.


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