Visionary plans of Gullwing

Gullwing America P904 Carrera 2 Visionary plans of Gullwing

Gullwing America P904 Carrera Visionary plans of Gullwing

Pictures and technical details of the latest series of ‘904- GTS’ of the Porsche Carrera, has just been released. To go by the unleashed prototype, the vehicle takes on the recent traits of styling and design that ideally suit racing cars on the fray. While the initial trial model is supposed make use of the platform Porsche Boxster 987 to endow it with refreshing touchups and newest amenities, the prototype will continue with the previously designed engine of 3.4 liter. The engine of the Boxster type is able to generate 259 Horsepower.

Other than its engine and ABS the racing vehicle will also continue with its power steering and power steering. However, a new look has been slated for the exhaust which in all likelihood is to take on a sports centric look-giving the racing bonanza a fresh array of racing sound. The suspension is to be so adjusted as to cater to the ideas of dynamism, speed besides the correct riding height. While composite material will contribute to the build of its external frame, the wheels of five spoke are likely to be customized as well. The approximate, cost has been fixed up at Euros worth seventy thousand. The racing car will take on a refurbished look under the joint collaboration of Gullwing & Porsche.


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