Volkswagen India to Bring 2012 Polo and Vento Editions to Market

2012 Volkswagen Polo Edition Volkswagen India to Bring 2012 Polo and Vento Editions to Market

Volkswagen India has launched a new technical upgradation pack to emulsify the latest IPL Edition – II of Volkswagen Polo and Volkswagen Vento cars for ensuring excellent performance. These cars will be magnificently fuel economic. The exterior and interior portions of these models are brilliant and eye catching. Volkswagen India has made it clear that the company will not be hesitating further to enhance the compact technical upgradation and tune-up programs.

In a published report, an official spokesperson has told the reporters that the prices of these two futuristic models are

Rs. 6.13 Lakhs and Rs.7.08 Lakhs. You will have good options to buy the cars with excellent warranty schemes. The snapshots of these special editions have been flashed in the official websites. The aerodynamic features of these two sophisticated cars are really attractive. A team of experts have been decided to install a number of sophisticated car upgradation tools to accelerate the speed, interior aesthete and structural upgradation of the cars. You will be able to

Volkswagen Polo IPL-II Special variant is equipped with a durable and ergonomic interactive car seat pad. You will have retractable car seats. In the cockpit of the vehicle, you will have a wonderful scope to watch the odometer, a speedometer, street navigation system, windshields, sun visors, and a dash which is also easy to maintain. The updated electronic infotainment is properly tuned to provide the excellent music.

The Polo IPL –II editions will be found in three trims such as a 1.2 liter capacitated Petrol Highline, 1.6 liter and 1.2 liter petrol and diesel Highline models at the comfortable prices. Moreover there will be excellent lighting fixtures, durable compartments and better wishbone suspension discs. Automatic transmission and toque generating units are also efficient to a great extent. These cars look dynamic and the majestic beauty of these newly built models is heart throbbing and eye-catching.


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