2012 Honda C Concept

Honda C Concept 2012 2012 Honda C Concept

A concept model which is made for the middle class sedan is the Concept C, which is developed by Honda especially for the market of China. The letter ‘C’ stands for ‘Challenge’, ‘Cool’ and ‘China’. The new concept is features a distinctive, stately and sporty design which got inspired by the picture of a dragon. The planning for the product of this model was led by the Chinese associates of Honda and its development was done with the help of the collaboration between the development teams in Japan and China.

It is being planned by Honda that a mass production model would be introduced which would be based on the Concept C in the upcoming year through Guangqi Honda Automobile Co. Ltd. This is what we have about the new concept, the details and other specifications are yet to be released. We do not have much information about the concept so far but it is hopeful that we will get to know more very soon. Let us wait till more details are revealed and we are convinced with the information released. Whatever it is we have to have a patient wait and have a keen eye for the updated news.


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