2012 Honda S Concept features

2012 Honda S Concept 2012 Honda S Concept features

S Concept is a model of global concept of a new value passenger mover which was developed mainly for the market of China and is expected to go on sale in China at first. The letter ‘S’ represents ‘Smart’, ‘Stylish’ and ‘Surprise’. This concept model by adopting a hybrid powertrain realises excellent environmental performance as well as fun of driving at the same time. Honda’s packaging technologies has realised a spacious cabin and it is one of the distinguishing strength of the company. A model based on the concept S is scheduled to be introduced in the market of China through Dongfeng Honda Automobile Co. Ltd next year which would be followed by a global release.

Other details on this are very limited and we have to wait further for more details to be revealed. We hope that we will get to know more on this very soon and as the time comes every minute detail will be released. Till then we have to be patient and keep guessing what other features might be included in this new concept and how will it perform. So let us wait till further details are revealed in this regard.


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