2012 Saleen S5S Super Car to Be Re-constructed

2012 Saleen S5S super car 2012 Saleen S5S Super Car  to Be Re constructed

If somehow Steve Saleen gets permission from the bench of the jury of the Supreme Court to start manufacturing Saleen S5S Raptor models, he will be energized to restart the car upgradation program. To be frank, the concept of manufacturing Saleen S5S Raptor model was matured way back to 2008. At that time, a one-off car was exhibited at the New York Auto show. However, due to legal stringency, the whole car tune-up project was cancelled.

The original Saleen S5S Raptor model was equipped with an energy-efficient 5.0 liter capacitated V8 engine which was able to generate 650hp and 630 pound feet torque. The concept car was aerodynamic. The same car design will be emulated if the project is started. In an interview, Saleen has confirmed the revival of conventional ethos to bring more color to the car. The drive-train kit will be powerful and performance based. The speed of the vehicle is over 200mph. The sprinting time of this concept model is 3.2 seconds to cover 0-60mph.

According to experts, this concept vehicle will be manufactured imitating the designs of Dodge Challenger and Ford Mustang variants. Now, it is also true, comparing to previous car tune-up programs, now-a-days, experts are giving priority to the updated modification of the car using the advanced eco-friendly technology to minimize the carbon emission tendency. In another report, it has been stated that the street navigation system of this new model will be more powerful and result oriented. Inside the compartment of the car, there lie a number of leather insulated upholsters to provide the maximum comfort to people. The rate of fuel economy is excellent. The torque generating device, an automatic transmission tool and the servos have been upgraded specially to accelerate the level of performance of the vehicle. There are other technical upgradation accessories like a dash, sun visors, an odometer, a speedometer and a tachometer have passed through trials and upgradation tests before the installation. The tire bands are durable and fenders have been positioned close to wheelbases to protect tire bands from water, dust and frictions.


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