2012 SpeedART SP91-R – Famous for Milky White Fluidic Car Design

2012 SpeedART SP91 R 4 2012 SpeedART SP91 R   Famous for Milky White Fluidic Car Design

2012 SpeedART SP91 R 2012 SpeedART SP91 R   Famous for Milky White Fluidic Car Design

Modern car designers prefer to use the touch of artistic grandeur to design the car more elegantly. However, you can’t resist the impact of advanced technology to manufacture the vehicle. The fusion between art and technology has been made in a more systematic way to avoid caustic criticism. SpeedART has finally released a detailed report of a concept vehicle which will be known to consumer as SpeedART SP91-R model.

Wow! What a color contrast! You will be spell bound to have a glimpse of the milky white colored velvety texture of the compartment of SpeedART SP91-R which is magnificently brilliant and cool in temperament. To be frank, the fastback car design has been emulated to some extent to revive the classic beauty to punch more innovation in the upgradation of both front and rear sections of the vehicle. The aerodynamic shape of the car looks majestic. However, if you look inside the fuselage of the vehicle, you will find rows of soft cushion like squads, leather upholsters and highly glossy dash to make the carriage more dashing, cute and presentable.

Side skirts, trapezoidal grilles, an air flap lid, rear wing and carbon diffusers and lot more have been chosen after a vast selection process. Fluorescent headlamp bezels are durable and properly upgraded. The lamps have been positioned into grooves of the bezels. Inside the compartment of the car, there will be retractable car seats, durable leather upholsters, odometers and climate checking tools to upgrade the car fantastically. SpeedART LSC wheelbases of the car are light in weight and durable. Carrera S car tuning program has been launched to manufacture this vehicle using the sophisticated drive-train accessories and street nav system. This car will have hi-tech infotainment unit to offer good music. The street navigation accessories have been tested several times before installation into the engine compartment. This vehicle is sleek, spacious and dynamic in design.


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