2012 Toyota Aurion – A Review

2012 Toyota Aurion 2012 Toyota Aurion   A Review

Toyota has changed its marketing strategies and format of car design. You can’t deny that this is the international Japanese automaker which has already proved its potentiality in the upgradation of fastback cars by using the sophisticated aerodynamic technology.

Comparing to 2006, this current year is quite fruitful to this Japanese company which has already made it clear about the release of eco-friendly cars at competitive prices. For example the decision to release Toyota Aurion 2012 model is a turning point to this company. There is a prominent sign of better marketing in comparison to that of 2006 or much earlier.

While highlighting the technical specifications of this new car, experts of Toyota have confirmed the massive changes in the interior design. Leather seats have been given a new facelift. High quality leather is used to tune up the squads. The executive leather cushions with retractability features. The excellent dash has been opted for to decorate the interior space of the cockpit of the car. Plastic sheet has been utilized properly to design the car upgradation fixtures. The glass windows, wipers, an ergonomic steering wheel, a speedometer, a tachometer and a climate checking tool have been chosen for further car upgradation. Dual zone climate checking display unit, JBL premium infotainment and powerful car parking sensors are some of the newly built tools which have been installed to make the car more competent. The rate of fuel economy is also much more appreciable.

Presara satellite supported street nav system has made the car sophisticated. The seven inch broad and flat glass screen is easy to use. SUNA traffic system is undoubtedly a salient feature. Bluetooth, ipod and iPhone connective interfaces are up to the mark. Object guessing sensors have been planted into the compartment of the car to enhance the proper street mapping and navigation. The glass sunroof cover has beautified the vehicle in a more dynamic way.

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