2012 VW Doubleback Campervan Provides both Sitting and Sleeping Options

2012 VW Doubleback Campervan 2012 VW Doubleback Campervan Provides both Sitting and Sleeping Options

Volkswagen is popular among modern people because it offers more stylish vehicles to smarten up lifestyles dynamically. If you look askance at the previous screenshots in the VW’s official website, you will get better conception about the upgradation of Vanagon and Eurovan vehicles. Transporter T5 also enticed people who were interested to use the sophisticated cars for pleasure.

Now, Volkswagen has now released another interesting report in the site stating that experts will manufacture more fuel economic, innovative and magnificent camper van with a coach-built compartment. It will be a self- propelled caravanette vehicle with a strong rear compartment to provide space for sitting, sleeping and safekeeping of luggage. This is basically a mini-bus or an aerodynamic van with an extendable carriage to accommodate passengers. Doubleback camper van will be backfired to the domestic market of Britain. The rear detachable tube is 6 and half feet with sufficient space inside the compartment for sound sleep. This caravanette van weighs 286 pounds. Doublecheck caravanette will be sold for $87,975.

However, the price can bob up or down depending on the futuristic strategies of the management of VW. The front part of the mini-camper will have advanced street navigation systems, glossy leather wrapped ergonomic steering wheel, a fashionable dash, cubby, a speedometer, an odometer, a tachometer and climate checking display unit. The electronic infotainment system must bring some flavor to you life by backfiring rock and roll music.

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