2013 BMW M550d xDrive Touring – More Eco-friendly

2013 BMW M550d xDrive Touring 1 2013 BMW M550d xDrive Touring   More Eco friendly

2013 BMW M550d xDrive Touring 2 2013 BMW M550d xDrive Touring   More Eco friendly

The all-wheel drive of the 2013 BMW M550d xDrive Touring is the latest addition to ensure excellent performance of the vehicle. If you have a close look at the structure of this aerodynamic vehicle, you will get a number of new upgraded features which seem to be absent in other ordinary fastback vehicles.

To be frank modern people want ultra-light vehicle with excellent color contrasts. They prefer sophisticated vehicles which have speed, marvelous street nav system and eye-catching outlook. If you have a quick glimpse of the colorful screenshot of this futuristic vehicle, you will be overwhelmed to see the majestic presentation, style, fashion and sophistication of the design to make the car more attractive.

At a press conference, a group of engineers have told reporters that this car is boxy with a sleek fuselage to accentuate the modern car tune-up process. More emphasis is thrown on the interior decoration. The introduction of the air spoiler, retractable car squads, sun visors, a glass made windshield, a steering wheel, a dash with hidden drawers and the climate checking tools have been opted for the enhancement of the structural elegance of this vehicle.

BMW M550d xDrive have been modified technically. The drive-train kit and a number of car upgradation accessories have passed through a strict trial to test the efficiency of these tools to tune up the vehicle. 20 inches M light alloyed wheelbases of this new car are attractive, durable and up to the mark. The tire bands of these wheelbases are long lasting. The axle bars are resistant to rust and damage. Experts have installed a sophisticated 8-speed automatic transmission tool to enhance the trouble free airflow which filled up the interior space of compartment. While traveling, car trippers can enjoy breathing oxygenated air to refresh body and mind. Length, width and height of this aerodynamic vehicle are 193.3 in, 73.2 in and 57.6 in with curb weight being 4387 lbs. The milky white color of this car is eye-catching. The cool color combination is definitely attractive and suitable to child as well. The rear wagon station of the car is spacious and it can store a number of large size luggage suitcases. The fluorescent lamps are hygienic to vision. Street mapping accessories are generally much more upgraded than those of other cars.


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