2013 BMW X1 Facelift with a New Look

2013 BMW X1 Facelift 2013 BMW X1 Facelift with a New Look

More advanced technology is making inroads into the automobile sectors. Myriad multinational firms and automakers have been trying to tighten up their grips to capture the global market. Now in that tight competition, BMW and Mercedes have been doing well to overtake its rivals in the international automobile industry.

By the end of 2013, you will find three special variants like 2013 Mercedes-Benz GL-Class, 2013 BMW X1 and 2013 Lincoln MKZ models in the market. However, meanwhile the company has felt urgency to release few special snapshots of 2013 BMW X1 edition which will be exhibited at New York International Auto Show. X1 model has been engineered by utilizing the innovative technology to upgrade the drive-train pack. The facelift of the new model has undergone a radical change. However, at the same time, bumpers, grilles and headlamp bezels of the car have been decorated more scientifically. At first the one-off model of this car model will be sent to the exhibition. Later, experts of the company will try their level best to produce few attractive models for commercial purposes.

2013 BMW X1 model will have a 2.0 liter TwinPower Turbo gasoline powerplant. V4 power-train and automatic transmission tool have been installed into the compartment to ensure the proper technical tune-up to make the car speedier and more dynamic. For the safety of passengers, experts have decided to install sophisticated street navigation accessories which also include the odometer, a speedometer and a tachometer to upgrade the street mapping and navigation programs. The air spoiler has been placed to keep the air flow smooth to help passengers to breathe air comfortably. There will be sun visors to guard eyes from dazzling UV rays. A dash, a binnacle, a glass made windscreen, wipers and an ergonomic steering wheel and climate checking accessories have been chosen for installation purpose. The torque generating capacity of the car is really appreciable. It is fuel economic and energy-efficient as well.


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