2013 Eterniti Artemis – A Brief Analytical Review

2013 Eterniti Artemis 2013 Eterniti Artemis   A Brief Analytical Review

2013 Eterniti Artemis 2 2013 Eterniti Artemis   A Brief Analytical Review

Those who were present at Auto China 2012 international auto exhibition in Beijing, China have had the wonderful evening to watch the glamour of the one-off model of Eterniti Artemis (2013) edition. They are pleased to have the glimpses of the sharp aerodynamic shapes of these vehicles. The prototype of this variant has been taken to the company’s engineering lab for further upgradation. The experts of the company have confirmed the tune-up of Artemis in an innovative style.

This energy efficient SUV car upgraded by Eterniti offers the superb ergonomic seats, hi-tech exterior design and the magnificent color variations to paint the compartments of cars wonderfully. According to experts, maybe this new model will be seen in major showrooms in Beijing during the summer days. However, consumers will have to wait for several days to know all about the final feedback of the management of the company in this regard. If every thing goes well, perhaps this car will be gifted to consumers in China within couple of months depending on the climatic condition, the compact car tune-up process and other compulsions in relation to the final declaration of the release of this aerodynamic model.

This car has a limousine type rear compartment which provides 100mm legroom in excess for the safekeeping of the passengers in the vehicle. On the other hand, Eterniti Artemis will have an energy efficient 4.8 liter capacitated twin-turbo V8 power-train which is capable of generating 600 brake horse power. In addition, 750 NM torque will be delivered by this power-train. The sprinting time of this vehicle will be 4.5 seconds to cover 0-100 km/h. Alastair has been empowered to tune up the car for the acceleration of the performance of this fuel economic vehicle. F1 Grand Prix winner named Herbert has tested this car and he is happy to announce that in his opinion, this vehicle will perform excellently to over-excel other coups and sports utility vehicles in terms of efficiency, durability and fuel economy.


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