2013 Ford EcoSport – Fuel Economic and Properly Tuned-up

Ford EcoSport 2013 2013 Ford EcoSport   Fuel Economic and Properly Tuned up

Ford EcoSport 2013 2 2013 Ford EcoSport   Fuel Economic and Properly Tuned up

Ford has a strong and bright vision to capture the Asian market. To be frank, Ford is not a newly born kid. It has a sound historical background. Better to say, it feels proud of spreading dominance over the global market. To date myriad coupes, sedans and sports utility vehicles have been engineered.

Ford has recently announced that Ford EcoSport will be the car which must be sold in comparatively developed countries like India and China. The chances of establishing the subsidiaries in China have appeared more prominent with the decision of participating into 2012 Auto China held in Beijing.

Ford EcoSport car will have a sleek body. Depending on the stolen snapshots of the one-off car model, it can be said that this vehicle will have a gorgeous color to paint the exterior surface of the car. There will be an energy-efficient 1.0 liter capacitated EcoBoost engine which generates the adequate torque and horse power. The automatic transmission tool and driveline will have a new facelift to make the vehicle more dynamic and sophisticated.

The drive-train of the car has been made more powerful and technically upgraded. Dampers are suitable to the car as experts have properly tuned up the dampers to resist road friction by absorbing shock. Tire band fenders, struts and axle bars are up-to-the mark and technically developed. The rate of negative camber is higher. The positive camber is under control. The wheelbases have been rimmed with tire bands to produce excellent traction.

Finally, SYNC is the developed street nav system. It has a sophisticated voice controlling attachment. Passengers will have no problems to travel by this car. The fuel economic rate of this vehicle is absolutely appreciable. On the other hand, there will be an air spoiler, a dash, a binnacle, visors and rear view glass reflectors. The smart curb appeal of this aerodynamic vehicle will surely attract teens.


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