2013 Honda Crosstour Concept – Fuel Efficient

Honda Crosstour Concept 2013 3 2013 Honda Crosstour Concept   Fuel Efficient

Honda Crosstour Concept 2013 2 2013 Honda Crosstour Concept   Fuel Efficient

Honda Crosstour Concept 2013 7 2013 Honda Crosstour Concept   Fuel Efficient

More color adjustment, and superior curb appeal are to be opted for to decorate 2013 Crosstour Concept vehicle. You will feel a craze to touch the compartment of the car which has been painted in mind blowing colors. If you look at the one-off concept vehicle, you will be pleased to see the beauty, proper technical configuration and compactness in enhancing the interior design of the vehicle.

In a brief, a team of experienced engineers have stated that this upcoming futuristic vehicle will be equipped with Crosstour V6 engine, a new 6-speed automatic transmission, an exhaust system. street nav attachment, a carbon diffuser and the drive-train kit have been selected to maintain the quality and the efficiency to ensure the proper upgradation of the car.

While highlighting the technical configuration and specification of this futuristic sports utility vehicle, experts have prioritized the introduction of more durable light weight 18 inch wheelbases which are rimmed with tire bands to provide the topmost security. Dampers are very much capable of restricting the flow of friction by harnessing production of shock via absorption. More technical enhancers have been done so far to manufacture the one-off car. An 8-inch display unit has been placed on the dash for proper viewing. In addition, inset reflectors, glass windows, windshields, sun visors and rear view reflectors have been chosen to tune up the vehicle. Technical revision has been ensured to bring an innovative design and style to the car tune-up program.

2013 Crosstour Concept will have two engines for proper selection. You can choose a 3.5 liter SOHC iVTEC V6 engine or a 2.4 liter capacitated iVTEC inline V4 power-train for generating adequate amount of torque to bring a speed to the car wheels. The light body of the car will be swifter when it runs through the storm. Drag-in engine co-efficiency rate is low and therefore you can drive your car more efficiently even in stormy night.


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