2013 Hyundai Langdong – More Sophisticated in Style

Hyundai Langdong 2013 2013 Hyundai Langdong – More Sophisticated in Style

Hyundai Langdong 2013 3 2013 Hyundai Langdong – More Sophisticated in Style

Hyundai Langdong will be manufactured in Beijing, China in a large number for commercial purposes. This fuel economic car will have a sleek compartment with adequate space inside the fuselage. In a press release, one of the company’s spokespersons has revealed that the Langdong futuristic car will have the sophisticated car upgradation tools like an ultra-light dynamic dash, an ergonomic steering wheel, a pair of sun visors, retractable car seats, leather upholsters and the windscreens. There will be wipers, an odometer, a speedometer and a tachometer and other car tune up accessories to build up the car in a more attractive way.

Langdong futuristic aerodynamic vehicle will be manufactured in the third plant which is under the construction in China. Hyundai prefers the joint venture to start the car business in this Asian country. Meanwhile, one of the official spokespersons has revealed that the new car will be 4690mm in length x 1880mm in width x 1680mm in height. The size of the wheelbases of this car is 2700 mm. Langdong is one of the concept vehicles which must have the sophisticated drive-train and street nav system. In a report, CEO of the company has stated that this vehicle will have 1.6 liter and 1.8 liter MPI power-trains. A 1.6 liter engine will be capable of generating maximum power of 93.8 kW (127.4 PS) and maximum torque of 155.5N.m (15.9 kg.m). Simultaneously, the 1.8 liter capacitated powerplant has the capability to produce 107.4 kW (146.1 PS) and a maximum torque of 174.6 N.m (17.8 kg.m).

This is one of the fuel efficient vehicles. It has the both manual and automatic transmission tools. The dampers of this car have ability to check the friction by sucking the shock. There are ultra modern driveline and sophisticated lighting fixtures. Active ECO driving mode will be a part of the upgradation of the vehicle. The percentage of carbon release of this smart car will be appreciable as experts are putting an extra effort to check the overflow of carbon in fume to disturb the environment. The carbon diffusers and the exhaust system are supposed to undergo a radical change. The color contrast of this car will be magnificent. However, there is no exact information regarding the date of release of this car in Beijing. Prices of this eco-friendly smart car must be comfortable for the downscale market.


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