2013 Jaguar XJ Ultimate features

2013 Jaguar XJ Ultimate1 2013 Jaguar XJ Ultimate features

2013 Jaguar XJ Ultimate 31 2013 Jaguar XJ Ultimate features

The flagship Jaguar XJ guided in a new interpretation of the established reputation of the company for lightweight aluminium architecture, dramatic design and responsible performance. At present the XJ Ultimate emphasises on two hallmarks of Jaguar, luxury and innovation which extends the emotive appeal of the model. The new model based on the long wheelbase, the changes in the interior focuses on the accommodation at the back, extending the limousine remit of the car so as to provide a fully luxury business class experience for the customers. It presents the appointments of private jet in a package so as to suit the requirements. A centre console of full length and trimmed in leather separates the individually tailored seats at the back which features ventilation, power adjustment and lumbar functions. A table of solid aluminium with chrome and piano black detailing rises up from the centre console so as to provide a working area.

A full back seat package along with wireless headphones and twin headrest screens completes the experience combining with sound in car entertainment system of 20 speakers. The model features revisions of the suspension so as to optimise ride comfort without any compromise to the breadth of dynamic ability. The exterior details of the model give clue to the figurehead status of the model along with sculpted air intakes which are chromed to match the grille, dual surfaced alloy wheels, subtle ultimate badging and oval exhaust pipe finishers of polished stainless steel. This model will be available with the existing V8 supercharged petrol engine of 5.0 litre, efficient and powerful V6 turbocharged diesel engine of 3.0 litre and a new V6 supercharged petrol unit of 3.0 litre. These are some of the features associated with the new model, while the other details are also available for those interested in it.



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