2013 Kia K9 Flagship Sedan revealed

2013 Kia K9 Flagship Sedan 2013 Kia K9 Flagship Sedan revealed

2013 Kia K9 Flagship Sedan 2 2013 Kia K9 Flagship Sedan revealed

It has been confirmed by the headquarters of Kia that the company will release the K9 version for the sale in the USA and Europe. K9 will be given new name to bring an innovative change in car naming program. However at the same time, there will be other modifications and changes in the enhancement of the upgradation of the vehicle.

Kia is interested to use apostrophe S to design the name of Kia 9. It will be Kia 9’s as European Cee’d. This K9 series must be more glamorous. DNA design is the latest and very much fruitful as it enhances the beauty and sophistication in style of the vehicle. You will have to admit that the fusion between superb curb appeal and color contrast has been done in a more systematic way. A friendly outlook has been enhanced to make the car more attractive. LED headlamps, extraordinary radiator grille, a long lasting bonnet, and the street navigation systems have been opted for to do upgradation of the car more scientifically.

In a published report, experts have pointed out that there will be energy efficient 3.8 liter V6 to upgrade 935i; V8 for 945i and experts will also install a 5.0 liter capacitated V8 for the 950i model. There will also be completely upgraded automatic transmission, torque generating units, and performance based torque converting tool. The interior space of the vehicle has been given an extra attention to ensure the compact upgradation of the vehicle as a number of sophisticated tools have been used to beautify the car. Wheelbases of the car are durable, and properly fitted to the axle bars. Metallic struts, dampers and fenders have also been given the topmost priority to bring the accuracy to enhance the overall efficiency and tune-up of the car. Kia9’s model will be eco-friendly and fuel economic.


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