2013 Nissan Sylphy Saloon – Exclusively for Smart Dudes

2013 Nissan Sylphy Saloon 2013 Nissan Sylphy Saloon   Exclusively for Smart Dudes

2013 Nissan Sylphy Saloon 2 2013 Nissan Sylphy Saloon   Exclusively for Smart Dudes

The arrival of China in the automobile industry is remarkable. It seems to be a strong blitz krieg storm which has blown over the Chinese community empowering them to get tuned up to the modern world. China is the powerful country to spoon feed automobile sectors magnificently using the sophisticated technology.

Nissan has been trying hard to capture Chinese domestic market by releasing the luxurious sedans, coupes and SUV cars which will be more energy efficient. The advent of the upcoming Nissan Sylphy saloon car in the Chinese market will be a starting point for the company to expand business more competently so that it can easily tighten up its grips in the Chinese automobile sectors.

Though Nissan is not bound to divulge the confidential reports of the on-going tune-up process, in a short official statement, one of the spokespersons of Nissan has told reporters that this car must be beautiful, smart and efficient to meet the basic needs of high profile class. For instance, in terms of style, the curb appeal of this aerodynamic vehicle will arrest the eyes of young viewers. The interior d├ęcor of this vehicle will be a matter of attraction for those who like the proper fusion of style, fashion and elegance in a more systematic way. The uniformity lies in the usage of the innovative fashion to beautify the vehicle.

A result oriented 1.8 liter capacitated V4 gasoline fed engine is supposed to be used in the upgradation of the vehicle. XTRONIC CVT attachment is a part of the compact tune-up of the vehicle. Sylphy model is not only attractive but also it is a fuel economic vehicle. Dongfeng Nissan Huadu Plant will be used to manufacture this stylish vehicle in Guangzhou. It is the smart car which is believed to be backfired to the market in China as soon as possible. However, prior to the release of this vehicle, a team of technical specialists will recheck and review the drive-train, drive-line and street nav system once again. Now everyone is waiting for the arrival of this sophisticated performance based vehicle in the market. It has been also confirmed that by 2014, this sophisticated light weight vehicle will be sold in 120 countries.


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