2013 Subaru Outback sedan teased for debut in Beijing

2013 outback sedan teaser 2013 Subaru Outback sedan teased for debut in Beijing

Subaru has declared the Legacy model of 2013, which is to make its debut in the Auto China to be held in Beijing next month will demonstrate extensive modifications beyond the updates of the typical models. Subaru emphasises that this model will be shown in Chinese design. However, this might have given a clue of a raised ride height version of Legacy which may be the return of the Outback sedan. As per a press statement, the model made for the market in China was designed especially not only to improve its presence but also to represent the bold and dynamic nature with the raised ground clearance. At present, the fifth generation of the Outback is the Subaru variant featured with raised ride height and comes as a wagon. Having a look at the teaser image which is slightly improved, it seems that the air gap in between the body and the wheels is a bit high.

Subaru has also announced that the Subaru BRZ will be presented in China for the first time and a news Chinese rally car but has given no further information regarding this. So for more details we have to wait further.

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