Bizzarrini Veleno biohydrogen supercar conceptualized for 2030

Bizzarrini Veleno biohydrogen supercar Bizzarrini Veleno biohydrogen supercar conceptualized for 2030

Borys Dabrowski has made an advanced design concept which pays homage to Giotto Bizzarrini, the designer and engineer of Ferrari, who is responsible for the model Ferrari 250 GTO. The Bizzarrini Veleno features an aggressive styling of supercar while including organic surfaces that are inspired by nature, specially the poison dash frog which explains ‘Veleno’. This concept features a cell of hydrogen which powers an electric motor. Hydrogen is accumulated in a tank which is made from material called nanotube. Dabrowski has proposed that hydrogen fuel is made from renewable sources like organic waste and algae. The structure of the body is built from CentrAL, which is a composite material and which layers glass fibre, aluminium and grapheme, the later which comprises of one atom thick layer of graphite. A group of rollers replace the conventional wheels which allow it to move laterally.

Dabrowski has stated that he was always a fan of the cars of Giotto Bizzarrini and for his Degree Show project he wished to design a car which would combine the look and feel of one of the machines with the futuristic technologies that will be ordinary in 2030. This concept was made in 2011 for the final year at Coventry University where he pursued Automotive and Transport Design.

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