Demand for Volkswagen Phaeton is high in China

2012 Volkswagen Phaeton Demand for Volkswagen Phaeton is high in China

As the demand for the Volkswagen Phaeton is high in China, it gives new optimism to its successors. Phaeton on the market for past 10 years has missed target of sales year after year prompt it to be cancelled in US after 2006. However, this could all be changed as China has distributed a rise of 50 percent in the sales of the model last year. This accounts for the production of 11,166 units fully loaded wheelbase models by Dresden which are featured with gasoline engines of V6 and V8. Despite of all the improvements, it is far behind the competitive market.

For the successor of second generation which is due in 2015, the model will ride on the MLP which is similar to that of the Audi A8 and have taken the design characteristics from the Cross Coupe concept. One can also expect small engines with cylinder deactivation and forced induction technology. There is also word for hybrid and plug in hybrid variant but nothing is made official till now. So one has to wait further for more details to come our way and till than we have to be patient.

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