Fiat with its 2013 500L 7 Seater scale model

2013 Fiat 500L 7 Seater scale model Fiat with its 2013 500L 7 Seater scale model

The speedy bonanza of the motor show at Geneva, witnessed the cherished endeavor of Fiat, as the acclaimed trade name chose to unleash its brand new 500L. The prototype with five doors is spacious enough to accommodate as many as five adults. The model introduced was roomy enough to include elaborate sitting arrangement, thrashed out in two of its rows.

While, the existing model includes sitting arrangement for five in a neat layout of three rows, possible introduction of another version with seven seats is also on the cards. The model is likely to have its layout of sitting spread across three rows. The smaller variety is marked by the existence of a longish looking projection that juts well beyond the wheels on the rear. In fact, this projection adds to the length of this car type. It seems to be including additional space, but the reality may be a wee bit different.

As the details regarding its power and mileage are still to follow, the preliminary pieces of information have been gathered from the shots taken at the designing center of the auto brand. There are possibilities, that one of the early prototypes was displayed for the purpose of the photo shoot.

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