Hyundai Santa Fe Sport (2013) – More Dynamic

2013 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Photos 4 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport (2013)   More Dynamic

2013 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Photos 1 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport (2013)   More Dynamic

Hyundai is the well known South Korean car manufacturer. It has already attended 2012 New York International Auto show to display Santa Fe lineup. The modern D-segment sports utility vehicle has been manufactured to give a surprise to young generation. It is highly fashionable and sophisticated. There is no question which can be raised about the fuel economy, energy efficiency and aesthetic quality of the car. The drive-train pack has been upgraded and properly tuned to increase the dimension and competency of the car. Hyundai Santa Fe was sold in large number. To date, 2.56 million car models have been sold. In Europe 350000 of this ultramodern eco-friendly car have been sold.

In a news report, the company‚Äôs secretary has pointed out that the modern designers of this model have opted for ‘Storm Edge’ which is a replica of Fluidic car design. The aggressive exterior design of this beautifully decorated vehicle looks fantastic. The interior space of the vehicle has been given the priority for better presentation. The visual appeal of this ultra-modern car is unforgettable. A stylish guy must need such a superb SUV model with aerodynamic facelift.

There are other car upgradation accessories like a 2.0 liter capacitated R VGT diesel fed engine which generates the excellent amount of torque. The emission of lethal carbon is limited to 145g/km. Condition of the power-train is really excellent. On the other hand, for European customers, engine specifications will be different. ‘Theta II’ 2,4-litre GDI power-train is petrol based. The maximum power level is 193ps. There will be changes in the upgradation of the street navigation system as well. It will be a smart vehicle with fully upgraded drive-train, lighting accessories and suspension dampers. The negative camber of wheelbases is much higher and therefore it can produce more traction of the tire bands to help drivers to steer wheels of the car into the lanes.


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