Superchips gives 2012 Polo GTI an Electronic boost

2012 Volkswagen Polo GTI Superchips gives 2012 Polo GTI  an Electronic boost

The European owners of the Polo GTI who are looking forward for an inexpensive solution so as to develop the performance of their cars will be interested in knowing that the Superchips has released an ECU tune for German hatchback. The new model is powered by directly injected gasoline engine of 1.4 liter four pot featuring a supercharger, which improves the engine till 3000rpm and a turbocharger which kicks in afterwards for an output of 180 PS and a torque of 250 Nm. Superchips’ remapped increase in ECU output by 27bhp to 204bhp and a torque by 35Nm to 285Nm. It is ranged at ₤455 which also include fitting and VAT of 20% and is available for order at present from Superchips.

Other details are limited but it is assumed that we will get to know more on this very soon. Till then we have to be patient and have to wait for more details to come our way. Whatever it may be, we have to wait further for more details in this regard. Till more details are revealed we have to be satisfied with whatever information we have with us.

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