The innovated offering from 2013 Hawtai B35 SUV

2013 Hawtai B35 SUV The innovated offering from 2013 Hawtai B35 SUV

The auto show to be held in Beijing is expected to throw up a wide assortment of ingenuous ventures. One amongst them happens to be the upgraded version of B35 of Hawtai. Incidentally, the leading auto maker from the bounds of China had already come up with its premiere presentation in course of the auto display held at Guangzhou.

The acclaimed automakers from China had previously shown the affinity to pick up the features of ‘Porsche Cayenne’. The series of innovation includes a few touch ups here and there. However, the front grille of the erstwhile model has been switched over. The grille fitting the innovated model has greater resemblance to those fitting the XJ saloon from Jaguar. With the dimensional measurement of 4, 618 mm length, 1,858 mm width and 1,753 mm height; the majestic offering from Hawtai includes a wheelbase of 2,620 millimeter. As far as the engines are concerned, there are two powerhouses to opt from. While, one of the engines is of 1.8 liter with the capacity of 158 Horsepower; the other engine is of 2.0 liter. The latter engine of turbo diesel is capable of generating 148 Horsepower. Both can work fine with automated transmission of 5/4 speed.

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