The powerhouse meant for the generation next- by “Ford Shelby”

Ford Shelby GT500 1 The powerhouse meant for the generation next  by “Ford Shelby”

Ford Shelby GT500 4 The powerhouse meant for the generation next  by “Ford Shelby”

According to the president of ‘Shelby American’- the power packed series meant for the generation next will keep on with its spree to giving way to one of the most performance savvy model. So,” GT500 “will include its scheme of things. The agreement between two of the leading brands has been extended well past 2015. To go by the next sequence of planning; Shelby & Mustang will work in unison to give way to a chain of high-performance car types including GTS & GT350. Such models will be turned out in limited numbers.

With the shift in paradigm towards fuel economy, you would be prone to thinking that the battling deals of Horsepower might just have ended. But to go by the realistic picture, that may not be the scheme of things. Despite the changed perspective with regard to the features of designing and that of engineering; it is possible to have a spurt in the growth of high powered and performance freak models. At least, this has been upheld by the collaborative venture between Ford & Mustang. Understandably, the leading car brand will be in for a large scale production. It won’t be long when the noted American auto brand gives way to the plush model meant for the forthcoming generation. You need to wait until 2014, while it turns out its first prototype.


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